Kids Bedroom Club's philosophy is one of quality Australian made products that are durable and resilient, yet elegant and stylish. Our company is passionate about building a quality product, our standards are high, and this is reflected in the beautiful range of bedroom settings and custom made pieces.

Our construction techniques are traditional, our style is cutting edge. Sleek simple lines are incorporated to create timeless classic looks. With the understanding of customer needs first, or for that personnel touch, you may modify an existing piece or create your own. We are only too happy to let you indulge yourself and let your own creative juices flow. This has allowedKids Bedroom Club to become one of the most contemporary business in the industry.

Most of our products are manufactured by our coastal factories however, as the needs of our customers have developed over the years our business has turned to some outside producers, allowing us to expand our range and styles whilst offering customers the best possible value for money. The high standards of these other companies has encouraged us to continue improving the quality of our own manufactured goods.